ATOM is a Japanese photographer born in 1980 based in Tokyo.

ATOM spent years travelling around the world to take pictures; he visited 63 countries in total, encountering countless cultures, people, and landscapes.

Returning home, he felt it was his turn to inspire people around the world, and started taking pictures of his own country.

This experience made him ask himself questions: what does it mean to live, face society, coexist with nature, have dreams, and be happy?
What do we all live for? He keeps on taking photography, searching for answers to why he was born in Japan, in this age.

Japan has Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, and many camera manufacturers.
ATOM thought about telling Japan using a camera.

ATOM has been an active as a photographer in the world.
ATOM’s works have been published internationally in publication such as Washington Post(USA), My Modern Met(USA),Weather Channel(USA),20minutos(Spain),incredibilia(Italy),攝影日報(HongKong) and so on.
He has won many international awards.

ATOM will experience a lot of things and evoke feelings that ATOM sleep in my heart and convey it through photos.